Salafi Masjid, Malappuram



Name Salafi Masjid
Place (City) Pathappiriyam Town
District Malappuram KL-676123
State Kerala
Country India
Phone (Land)



One thought on “Salafi Masjid, Malappuram

  1. Abul Fazal Mohd.Giasuddin
    December 24, 2013 at 7:16 am

    Dear Concern authority,
    Assalamualaikum,Oarahamatullahe Obarakatue.We have a small mosque near our resodence.The mosque was built long back and the area where the mosque is located least developed area.The muslim whose who pray in the mosque contribute the payment of Imam,Khteeb,Moazzin,and Khadem.At present the building of the mosque shown crack in different place and we are affraid that may anytime any occarance happens ,I mean accident /or collapse the building ,then casalties may happen.We the prayer decided to demolish the building and decided to built new building at the same place.Sorry to Infom you that there is no fund of the mosque to built new mosque.Please advise us or help us or advise us the way we can collect donation to Built the mosque.So far I know that you are in relation with developing mosque project definately you may kindly advise us how can we built this mosque.The Mosque based on Al Qaran and Sunnah. If you kindly advise me May Allah bless you and Inshallah. Thanks and regards. Abul Fazal Mohd.Giasuddin.Chairman of the managing Comittee of the Mosque.

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